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A Gym is the Best Amenity for Residents

A Gym is the Best Amenity for Residents - Courage Heavy Equipment

With so many new apartments and condo buildings being built in the Twin Cities, all multi-unit housing managers and developers need to look at what sorts of amenities can set their building apart from the others down the block and across the cities. From communal patios to coffee bars and concierge services, the types of amenities a building can offer are endless–but not all may actually draw the residents you need.

What most residents will say is that the most appealing amenities are those that help make the lives they already want to live easier, and for many Minnesotans, that means a fantastic home gym. Minnesota is already one of the most active states in the union; our residents want to work out every day. And with snow on the ground half the year and temperatures reaching not just well below freezing, but well below zero degrees F, a high-quality workout space that isn’t just indoors, but in their own building is a massive draw for potential residents.

But you can’t just throw an old treadmill and some worn-out kettlebells into an unused closet and call it a gym–in order to actually attract residents that will pay for your building and stay for a long time, you need to make sure your gym is working for them and not just a bullet point on your info sheet.

Make your apartment’s gym the best it can be

You provided the space, so leave it to us to provide the equipment. Maybe your building is a new construction with a professional-level workout suite that needs filling with equipment to match. Or, maybe all you have is that unused closet we mentioned above, but you’re still committed to cleaning it up and turning it into a real amenity–we get it; and we’re here to help work with what you’ve got!

Courage Equipment was created by gym owners and trainers. This means that all the equipment we use and sell is hand-picked to be high-quality and effective based on the needs and recommendations of those who live and breathe fitness. Our brands have the quality and longevity to help you see a return on your workout room investment. We can take a look at your space–however large or small–and give you a recommendation for the most effective way to turn your space into a functional fitness studio. 

And guess what? We’ll even help haul out your old equipment and bring in the new stuff–leave the heavy lifting to your residents, not your management!

Whether you’re looking for a small yoga studio or a complete workout room overhaul, we want to be your go-to resource and support. For more info on revamping your workout space email And while you’re at it, give us a follow on Instagram (@courageequipment) for daily motivation, tips for home workouts, and more.